Repairing pool by experts

Our pool repair and design experts have over twenty years of experience in commercial and residential pool repair. Whether your pool is leaking water, starting to crack, or needs a complete re-plastering PakPool has the experience and knowledge to get the job done right the first time.

What we specialize in.

We specialize both in commercial and residential pool repair. When a pool needs repair, timing is of the essence. Since pool systems perform a big job, they can fail in a big way. Small repairs done without delay can protect a pool owner from a more significant repair later.

Pool Leaks

If you need to add water to your pool constantly, maybe your pool has a leak? Leaks are common and can cause for high water bills and wasted precious water. Your pool will require more chemicals if the pool is leaking. The costs can add up. We have leak detection and repair professionals who are experienced and dedicated to finding and repairing leaks to keep your pool operating properly.

Repair also includes the following

  • Puddles of water under your equipment?
  • Dirty filter?  Green pool?
  • Noisy or grinding motor?
  • Spa heater not working?
  • Need to upgrade to variable speed pump?
  • Ready to replace your old, worn equipment?

Repairing pool pump piping

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