PakPool Maintenance & Cleaning

PakPool Care technicians specialize in tile cleans, acid washes, & green cleans. We also offer maintenance services for residential and commercial properties ranging from a one-time clean up to weekly service as well as bi-weekly or once per month.


Pool Inspections

Pools have a unique set of standards that most home inspectors are not qualified to assess. We can assess the physical structure and its mechanical and electrical systems to assure a properly functioning, sanitary, healthy, and safe aquatic facility. Our inspection is designed to identify safety issues and material defects.





Our pool repair and design experts have over twenty years of experience in commercial and residential pool repair. Whether your pool is leaking water, starting to crack, or needs a complete re-plastering PakPool has the experience and knowledge to get the job done right the first time. We specialize both in commercial and residential pool repair. When a pool needs repair, timing is of the essence. Since pool systems perform a big job, they can fail in a big way. Small repairs done without delay can protect a pool owner from a more significant repair later.


Drain & Clean

Pool draining and cleaning may be necessary if you’ve experienced substantial dirt flooding, long-term algae staining, metal staining, or there’s simply no other way to restore your old, degraded pool surface. In some areas high calcium levels in regular tap water mean that a pool drain and clean is occasionally necessary to keep your pool looking its best.



Let us turn your old, worn and dated concrete swimming pool into the pool of your dreams! Whatever your vision, we can create it for you.
Whether it is a brand new build, a re-seal or a total overhaul, the PakPool can do it all. Looking to upgrade your pools look and feel? We can add a spa, heating, steps, sun shelves, fencing, pool covers or remote LED lighting. We are not only committed to bringing you an amazing looking pool but also, the healthiest and most rejuvenating water experience possible, this includes the option of upgrading your pools water quality through the installation of a new pump and filtration system.


Water Analysis

Pool water completely depends on the 2 main essentials, balance and harmony. The same goes for your pool water. Balance of everything will lead to zero issues with your pool, including cloudiness and algae. Many swimming pool owners regularly use chlorine to keep the pool water in a proper condition. There are several other ways to keep the water in a balanced form by using ozone gases, ionization as well as at time UV sterilizations.


Equipment Install

PakPools have the experience and qualifications to properly and safely troubleshoot, repair, or replace all or part of your Swimming Pool’s Equipment System. Or you simply may want to replace your outdated equipment with a new energy efficient system and we can show you options and help you with that too.we can handle all aspects of your pool installations to keep your pool looking its best. Our pool technicians will take care of servicing your pool quickly and efficiently every time. They can also install and repair all types of swimming pool equipment including pool timers, heaters, pumps, filters and more.

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